Six Diamonds Tree Services Working in bucket truck to take down tree


Six Diamonds Tree Services will remove any diseased, infested, or potentially dangerous trees that may impact the safety of your family and property. Our expert crew will leave the area clean, as if we had never been there.

outside Six Diamonds Tree Services  work


Pruning trees, shrubs, and hedges is recommended to maintain healthy growth as well as address safety concerns.  Avoid the spread of disease by removing infected branches. Pruning can include taking out thin growth and removing suckers (stems growing up from the roots). Pruning allows for airflow and light which prevents fungus and other potential plant health issues. Trimming is done to give shape to shrubs and hedges. 

Six Diamonds Tree Services clears and replants new lawn


Are you looking to clean up an overgrown property? Perhaps you would like to expand your yard. Six Diamonds Tree Services will cut down and remove the wood, brush, and surface roots. We manicure your lawn to highlight the  beauty of your property.


Stump Grinding

 Stump Grinding takes care of the visible remains of the tree. It  is an intricate process that excavates the stump of the tree without removing the root.  Six Diamonds Tree Services provides professional removal and cleanup. 

Tree fallen on home

Storm Clean Up

Six Diamonds Tree Services will to assess any storm damage to help you to make an informed decision. We can safely work in multiple environments including neighboring properties, wires, hills, tight space, and busy road ways. 

Call our EMERGENCY TREE REMOVAL hotline (914) 755-0317.

Ash Tree Insect Trails

This Ash tree may look healthy but insect trails are separating the bark from the trunk and killing the tree.